Aortic Stent Graft And Bilateral Iliac Stent Graft Placement

Southern Pain and Regenerative Medicine performed their first aortic stent graft and bilateral iliac stent graft placement last week. The procedure was to treat severe leg claudication (cramping), especially within both hips. She also had complete occlusion of her right external iliac artery in her pelvis. She was severely limited in her ability to do any significant activity, including work. 

The distal aorta and the large blood vessels in her pelvis were reconstructed with the stent grafts with excellent results! No residual narrowing or stenosis was present following the procedure. We will see her back this week to evaluate the early results!

If you have leg or hip pain, Southern Pain and Regenerative Medicine has the ability to treat both traditional leg pain arising from your back and vascular pain arising from narrowed blood vessels. Don't hesitate to contact us for a full evaluation.




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