Innovative Treatment For Pelvic Fractures

We had the opportunity to help one of our patients this week with an innovative treatment technique. This patient experienced acute onset of bilateral hip pain a few weeks before reaching out to us. An MRI demonstrated stress fractures involving the acetabulum, the “roof” over the hips, on both sides of the pelvis. He was not a surgical candidate for several reasons.

The MRI images above demonstrate the fractures of both acetabulum (the roof above the hips). The image on the right shows the edema (swelling) as bright areas. The corresponding areas are dark on the left image.

The left hip was repaired utilizing bone cement typically used to repair fractures of vertebrae (kyphoplasty). The images below depict the pre and post images after placing the bone cement. Our patient had significant and immediate relief of the pain. We will repair the right hip in the next few weeks.

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