Spinal Stenosis!

Having pain or weakness in your legs while standing or walking for any significant distance? Does the pain get worse while standing or walking? Does relief occur when using a walker or a shopping cart? Does the pain go away if you sit or lie down?

Southern Pain and Regenerative Medicine has performed over 10 Vertiflex placements to treat spinal stenosis during the past 6 months. This novel minimally invasive procedure can significantly relieve or in the rare occasion completely resolve the symptoms associated with spinal stenosis. 5 year results show greater than 75% continued relief!

The procedure is performed in an outpatient surgery center and typically takes approximately 1 hour. The recovery period is rapid! Back pain, leg pain and weakness are almost immediately improved. A typical recovery is approximately 1-2 weeks from the small incisions required to place the device. Significant relief is almost always immediate!


If you have the symptoms or have been told you have spinal stenosis give us a call! We have three locations to choose from:

Memphis 901.350.0678
Union City 731.507.0272

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