Spine Jack!

We performed our fourth spine jack procedure at Southern Pain on Friday, May 18th!

Spine jack is the next generation for repairing compression fractures of the spine. We were the first in the mid south to repair a compression fracture with the new procedure and device.

Spine jack not only repairs the fracture but restores much of the height lost resulting in even greater clinical improvement compared to the incredible results seen previously with traditional kyphoplasty. Spine jack will significantly straighten the abnormal curvature caused by the typical "wedge" fracture, resulting in improved mobility, better breathing and less issues with eating and reflux typically seen following vertebral compression fractures.

Over 90,000 spine jack procedures have been performed worldwide with the United States recently receiving FDA approval for the procedure.

Southern Pain as always continues to strive to provide the best and most innovative pain treatments! We are not your typical pain practice!

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