Vertebral Fractures

Southern Pain and Regenerative Medicine just completed our 13th spine jack, #spinejack, this week. What an evolutionary treatment!

This series shows the dramatic restoration in height achieved utilizing this system!

Traditional vertebroplasty, #vertebroplasty, stabilized the fracture and gave immediate and significant relief. Unfortunately it essentially restored none of the height lost from the fracture.

Why is that important?

Loss of vertebral height results in significant long term issues, the most important being the continued risk of fractures in the adjacent levels. Vertebral fractures classically lose height anteriorly and form a wedge. This shifts the weight on a spine to the front throughout the spine, putting additional stress in this region (the anterior spinal column). 

Most fractures are the result of weakened bones from osteoporosis. The vertebral bodies next to the fracture now experience additional stress from the new anterior angulation. This is an extremely important risk factor that can result in an additional fracture.

Other extremely important complications that are infrequently considered after fracture include reflux, difficulty breathing, trouble swallowing and difficulty walking. Overall quality of life, activities of daily living and safety are significantly improved following balloon kyphoplasty.

The spine jack procedure is resulting in an even greater improvement!

Lastly, we are very aggressive about treating the cause which is almost always osteoporosis. Our practitioners are very comfortable evaluating for osteoporosis and the subsequent treatment. Our team has specialized in obtaining the medications needed to adequately treat osteoporosis and actually increase the bone density (Forteo and Tymlos). That’s a complete additional area we will have to discuss in the future!

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